Available Australian Labradoodle Puppies/Dogs

An early reservation will help ensure your preferences in a puppy for your family. If you have any questions regarding the litters please contact Angela. If you are ready to make a commitment to a Sun Valley Labradoodle puppy please fill out an application and deposit to hold a puppy for your family.

To view updated puppy picture you can also view the latest on Flickr.

To see more pics of our girls as well as previous puppy pictures, please go to Our Labradoodles and scroll down to each dogs profile.

We will keep families updated weekly with new pictures and information so that you will be able to see your puppy grow!! Often our litters are fully reserved before they are even born- to avoid disappointment please reserve your puppy early.

If you are on a reservation list we will contact you once puppies are born- at this time we will let you know the exact home date - you must be available for this date and clear your schedule to be available for your new puppies arrival - if you are not able to be available for the date specified we will move you to the next available litter thank - you for understanding!

In order to fully understand the adoption process from birth to home date please read Adoption Process page.


Red Australian Labradoodle puppies reservation list fills up quickly - we have opened up our current and near future litters. If the colour red is your preference please don't wait - having an earlier reservation will help ensure your colour preference.


Attention USA families! Please please view USA adoption page.







Our planned litters for Summer/Fall 2018

We have started to take reservations for our spring/summer/fall 2019 litters. If you would like to make a reservation for a red, chocolate, apricot, caramel, black, or cream puppy please feel free to do so and if one of the girls for fall/winter 2018 has more then expected we may be able to move you forward if you wish.


If a litter indicates it is full please contact Angela to be placed on the Overflow Reservation as often the expecting moms have more puppies then expected.


Izzy - Planned litter for winter 2018. This litter is currently full but may reopen at birth if she has more than expected.

Sienna - Approx. due date early December
Sienna may have more puppies then expected Please inquire.

Taking reservation for spring/summer 2019 these reservations are starting to fill please apply early if you have certain preferences in a puppy.



We are planning Nikkiís spring litter with Harvey . We have been so happy with Nikki/Harvey past puppies. They will be in all colours from red, gold, chocolate and black babies with shiny soft coats.


We are planning a spring litter with these two and I canít wait . These two will produce a litter of dark reds with gorgeous faces and silky soft coats.


We are planning a spring litter for Macy and Thor. Puppies will be very pretty with silky soft fleece coats in reds/apricots and perhaps an apricot cream


We are planning a late spring litter with Donna Jean and deciding on who daddy will be. She will have chocolates/reds in the litter. Puppies are sure to be as sweet as she is with those soulful eyes and very soft coats.


We are planning a late spring litter with our sweet Izzy . We are deciding on daddy to be but they will have reds and apricots in colour and be a mini in size.


Timber had a stunning litter of reds last year and we are super excited to pair her with Thor . Their babies will be dark red with beautiful faces, sweet personalities and very soft coats.


Angel is set to have a late spring litter however may be moved forward to winter litter. I will know and post this within the week if we make a change. She will have chocolates with our boy Bud. Coats will be soft wavy fleece. Excited as she makes beautiful babies!!



If you are ready to adopt one of our puppies into your family please fill out our application form and submit your deposit.


Breeding puppies may be available.  Please contact Angela for more information.


Once puppies are ready to go to their forever homes they have been well socialized and are well on their way with potty, crate and leash training.  Wonderful personalities which the Australian Labradoodles are known for.


We ship our Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale to USA, throughout Canada and Europe. We have placed many Labradoodle puppies in North America and Europe - we have Labradoodle puppies in Vancouver, Labradoodle puppies in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Regina.


Please see our Visitation Policy.

Sun Valley Labradoodles reserves the right to keep/sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies.


Sun Valley Labradoodles raises red, chocolate, gold, apricot and cream australian labradoodle puppies. We breed standard, medium large and miniature australian labradoodles puppies. We raise our puppies in BC, shipping is available worldwide.


We can ship with our pet safe program to many places. We have placed our labradoodle puppies in California. Labradoodle puppies in Washington
labradoodle puppies in Texas
labradoodle puppies in New York
labradoodle puppies in Toronto
labradoodle puppies in USA to name a few!


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